Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out With The Old, In With The New

As this year ends, a new one begins.
Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Pincushion

Since I am not sewing this month (except for quilting JoAnna's quilt) I have found myself looking through quilt magazines and patterns for quilts I would like to make next year. I think I am up to seventy-five. LOL. There are so many nice patterns out there it makes you want to live forever.
Bonnie Hunter has a mystery quilt in progress at
I want to make it later in the year. I am quilting one of her quilts now. Her Scrappy Bargello was easy to make. You can use any size squares and you have a nice size quilt in no time.
We had decided not to go to the Jacksonville show next year (2010) as we are going to Houston, my quilt guild show, the show in Trenton, the World Quilt Show again and Linda's quilt guild show. Plus any other show close to home. But Bonnie Hunter is coming to the Jacksonville show and I want to see her. JoAnna took a class from her is Colorado and said it was nice class.
I do not know how many quilters started out life in homemake economics class making clothes but I did not. That came later. It is not my choice of sewing but I made all my children's clothes when they were little. I also made a few things for myself. I was looking around on the McCall's website and found the cutest patterns. One is a dress that could be made longer for a New Year's Eve dress in black or red The other pattern was by a designer/pattern maker called Marfu, an Italian designer. It is a cape that could be made into an evening jacket. Take a look at it at I do not know if I will be making any clothes this year but I did like these patterns.

I have made another pincushion. I made it and did not like the height so I took it apart with my handy-dandy seam ripper and decreased the height. It is about 2 1/2 inches in height. It was about 4 inches in height.

Will I make it again? Yes, but I would make it wider/rounder. This project offered me the chance to make hexagons for the first time. I enjoyed that. I can see a Grandmother's Garden quilt in my future.

This is my first Christmas gift for 2009. I have wanted this since my friend JoAnna told me about it.

This is my second Christmas gift. I had a 50% off from JoAnn's and could not find anything I wanted to buy. I had wanted to buy this book last summer but I didn't. But since I went to my big stitch class I have had the urge to quilt my daughter's Girl Scout quilt I made her. I put a lot of patches on it (front and back) so handquilting is the answer.
I made my Christmas list and mailed it to Santa. My wants and wishes will not cost him a penny. Just changing the minds and hearts of others. I want/wish for world communication. I do not think we will ever have world peace. But we can have world communication. Talk. Talk. Talk.
So, this Christmas season talk to your neighbor.
Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Friends

It is my favorite time of the year. I love the holidays-from Halloween to New Years. I love everything about it. The shopping is the best. I do not shop any other time of the year but I love looking at all the things in the shops. And (forgive me all English teachers but and had to go here) the smells. I adore the smells. I lavish the smells. I worship the smells. Cinnamon and nutmeg and sugar. Yes, I can smell sugar. The chocolate. The pecans. The coconuts. This sounds like a cake.
Oh, well. I can smell a cake cooking in my oven tonight.
Every year I wish for a Christmas quilt. Last year I said I was going to make one. Never did.
Although I did see a Red and White Snowball Challenge on Fat Cat Quilts blog. I missed the cut off for the swap date. Maybe next year.

I love this quilt. It is a free pattern from Timeless Treasures I have seen this pattern made up three times and each time I always think of adding trinkets to it to make it look more festive. I love it.

Very little sewing is going on in my house at this time. I am not working on any projects. I am looking and planning for next year. But no real sewing. I am however, quilting a quilt I made for my friend JoAnna last year about this time when she moved to Colorado. Well, she is back in Florida and just bought a new house. Congratulations JoAnna. I hope to have it quilted by Christmas.
As you can see from the picture the seam ripper is my best friend once again. It is an off and on love affair. I tried to eyeball my sewing from corner to corner and made a royal mess of things. I know I have to use blue painter's tape and use a longer stitch. But I wanted to try something quick and easy. Now it is going to take me longer. I sewed four rows hoping and wishing that the lines would somehow straighten up with each new row. No such luck. They just looked worse with each row I added.
I also used fusible batting. The verdict is still out on that one.
I wish everyone a joyous holiday and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving in my house and that means family, friends and food (the 3Fs). So that means, for me at least, that sewing will be a late night thing when I am alone and can savor the joys of the day, the smiles on everyone's faces, the innocence of little children and the after dinner naps.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
I finished off the first of my on-going quilt block top. I hope to quilt it this weekend even though I do not have a back yet. I like how it turned out. I have started on the next one.
While at the World Quilt Show last week I bought a pressing stick called The Strip Stick @ I bought the 45 inch stick. I now iron the seams of my On-going quilt block on it and it works. If you see it at a quilt show buy one. I save so much time with pressing seams.
At the World Quilt Show I took three classes. One of my classes was a Kite Class with Pat Yamin. I will take a class from her anytime. Well, I had so much fun making these I came home and added it to my leader and ender pile. How may leader and enders do I have going on?

This is my new baby. She is in good shape. I have not named her yet but I am trying out different names for her. I thought of Kitty because she purrs along like a cat. But Kitty did not seem to fit. So, the search goes on. While at the quilt show I bought a quarter inch foot for her. I also need to buy a new case. Her case was badly damaged. I saw some fabric cases but I did not buy one. Still trying to decided on a hard case or a soft case.

I have a weakness for pincushions. The bigger the better. I had seen this pattern at the Moda site but thought it was "yuk"
with all those pointy things sticking up. Well, if God doesn't sometimes make us eat our words/thoughts/deeds. I saw one at the World Quilt Show and had to pick my mouth up off the floor and wipe the drool of the front of my blouse. It was gorgeous. I heard it calling my name. So, the scraps from the kite quilt is going to be my pincushion. I went to my local pet store, Incredible Pets, and bought some crushed walnut shells. So, during naptime on Thanksgiving I will be handquilting. My stitches are a little tight but for a first time hexagon project I am making progress and improving with ever stitch I make. I may have to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden.

If I forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving during all my chatter I would like to say "Happy Thanksgiving everyone young and old".

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quilt Shows-Part One

I was looking through my quilt show pictures and thought that I had not posted any of my favorite quilt show quilts and I have been to several shows this years. So, I decided to make this a three part series with pictures of some of my favorite quilts. I do not know if this is legal or not but here we go.
I decided to start with the Lancaster Quilt Show since it was one of my favorites. I recently read that starting next year it is going to be an AQS show. How exciting.
On the way to Lancaster we stopped a lot of quilt shops. I got to see a lot of quilts in a lot of different color schemes. Plus, I met a lot of nice quilters.

I saw this purse at Colonial Quilts in Savannah, Ga. I do not know the name of the pattern but I liked the colors. Green is one of my favorite colors. So is red, blue, yellow, purple, etc, etc. LOL.

At the show they had this ironing board in the quilt art section. I thought it was interesting and unique. The craftsmenship (quilting) is marvelous.

This is the Balloon Quilt. I was amazed at the amount of applique in this quilt. Wonderful job.

This is called An Alphabet. The letters were beautiful.
This is Wistful Willow and it won First Place for Applique. Congradulations.

This is Gorilla Gorilla. All the grays and blacks with the tans makes you think of gorillas.

This is Rebecca's Legacy and it won First Place for Pieced Traditonal. I love it.
I hope you enjoyed the quilts. I take so many pictures of quilts at shows. I just want to thank every quilter that ever entered a quilt show for giving us so much of him/herself.
Once again Thank You from my heart.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catching Up

I cannot believe that I have not blog in over a month since I like chatting.
Well, I have not been doing nothing. I have been working, sewing, chatting, visiting with JoAnna and buying material. Oh, I forgot. I bought a Singer Featherweight. I hope I got a good deal. I won it on ebay. I WILL post pictures when it arrives.
I went to the Jacksonville quilt show last month and had a great time. There were so many nice quilts. The Best of Show was beautiful. I bought a ruler with a lip for paper piecing. I went to a demo given by my local quilt shop and they recommended it. They also recommended using newspaper print for piecing. I bought some packing paper from Lowe's. I will need to cut it down to size to get it through my printer. I bought three patterns, some fabric yardage and fat quarters. I had a great time. I also went to the Olde Green Cupboard Quilt Shop. If you ever get to Jacksonville please visit their shop. The ladies are great. The fabric select is wonderful. The quilts they have displayed are to die for.
Next month I am going to the quilt show in West Palm Beach. I have signed up for two classes (that means I paid my money) and ordered the required materials and book. I may sign up for an applique class. I got the day off but I have not decided. While I am down South my friends and I plan to go to the quilt shop in Margate. I will take pictures and post them.
I will post more later but I need to get back to sewing. I have a deadline with my Aqua and Red nine patch blocks.
Happy quilting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On-Going Quilt Block

I went to the sit and sew or craft at the Lutheran Church today. I met some very nice women that were making some very nice quilts.
My friend from work had a sock book she let me look at. I really want to make my daughter some socks for Christmas. Another to-do list add on.
My on-going quilt block is now 6 inches x 668 inches. This is not typing mistake. I have pieced together 668 inches in scraps. The block is now hard to work with. It is too long. I need to start cutting out a quilt.
I am still undecided between a tumble block (first choice/original goal) and a pyramid block.
I am going to cut something next Tuesday, if not this Saturday.
Keep quilting.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend with family and friends.
I am in the Red and Aqua swap at Jane's Fabrics and Quilts. She e-mailed me last night. Hooray.
While I was celebrating my Labor Day weekend I thought I would make some gifts for some of my friends and family. So I decided to make my daughter a purse I had seen on Oh, Fransson. So after I cut the pieces out I noticed that I had cut one of the purse fronts wrong. I was suppose to be on the fold and mine was not. So, what do you so with your mistake? You make a pincushion. I like large pincushions so I decided to use a large plate and make a pie pincushion.
I made an inner lining for the pincushion to hold the polyfil and the rice but the lining made it look like it was missing some of its stuffing.
So, I made another without a lining. This one feels just right. I will go and get a button later on this week. Maybe a nice sassy yellow button.
Oh, about the purse, I am still working on that.
This quilt has been on a resident's bed since she came into our facility. She is unable at this time in her life to tell me any history of the quilt. I just love it. It looks like it was handsewn with new binding sewn on. I appears old and well loved.
As you know I have been working faithfully on my Sunshine and Shadow. One of the things I do is think about how I am going to quilt it when I finish. So true to form I went to the library for quilting ideas. (Please excuse my photography).

This one is from an Amish quilt book. It had a lot of quilt patterns in the back. If you cannot make out the quilting it is crosshatched with feathers in the border.

This one is from "The Quilter's Guide to Amish Quilts". I like the crosshatching and the single cable along the sashing. There is some type of design in the corner blocks. I cannot make it out.

This one is from "A Treasury of Amish Quilts" by Rachel and Kenneth Pellman. This one has feather also in the borders and the corner blocks. The middle appears to be crosshatched but not every square. Maybe every other square.
I am not skilled enough to do feathers so unless I am willing to pay someone else to do the feathers, feathers are out.
So, without any drumrolls or fanfare here is my Sunshine and Shadow. I finished it Saturday but had to wait until today so I could take it to work and photograph it.

I love the center. The pink in the center is also the pink in the border.

It is a lot larger than I thought it was going to be. Oh, I knew what the measurements were but to actually lay it out and see it I was dumbfounded.

Another view.
I am going to send it to my mother. Through her I was given a grandmother that taught me to sew and quilt. Thank you Grandma.
I will try to write more later this week. Back to the old nine patch and my DS's quilt.
Lots of love.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Swap

I signed up for another swap over at Jane's Fabric and Quilts. It is a Red and Aqua disappearing nine patch. I hope I get to participate.
I have spent the day working on my Sunshine and Shadow. I hope to have a finished picture for you by Sunday morning. I love the colors.
JoAnn's is having a sale this weekend. I have become very picky about the fabric I buy so I try to find quilt fabric on sale at my LQSs or on the internet. But I do like their Quilter's Only solids and their Kona Cottons. I have quite a few pieces from JoAnna's so I do like other things as well. But I am picky. Nothing loose weave or flimsy. I went today and bought 2 pieces (solids) for the back of my Sunshine and Shadow quilt. I really like the way the blue stands out in the quilt and so I bought two blues. I plan on adding some of the scrap pieces left over from the top to the back to bring it together. I plan on sewing the back at sit and sew on Tuesday.
Post more on Sunday.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunshine and Shadow Strips

My Sunshine and Shadow quilt is coming along. I have finished all sixteen strip sets. I hope to spend the next few days/weeks putting it together. This may take some time as I keep thinking I should have put more of the darker pink in the quilt (the pink is what made me want to make it).

I am sorry that the picture is a little "oops" . I will take a better one tomorrow when I have more light. I also need to make a correction. In my last post I called the postage stamp quilt a sunshine and shadow quilt. What I should have said is that this a postage stamp quilt that reminds me of a sunshine and shadow quilt. Oops. Happy quilting.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunshine and Shadow Progress

I was out visting blogs today and found myself over at Nadine's blog (Friendship Threads) and was amazed at the progress she had made with her Sunshine and Shadow quilt. I love her color combinations. It is going to be a stunner. Stop by and see her progress.

I wanted to show you another version of a Sunshine and Shadow quilt. I took a picture of this quilt while on vacation in Pennsylvania at the Chester County Historical Society. I like the color combinations in this quilt.

I know that it is not the usual solid color that the Amish use but it is still very striking to see in person. The colors all seem to blend in together to make it look like stripes.

This is a closer view. Look at how the colors seem to blend in to each other.

These are my strips for my Sunshine and Shadow. I haven't made much progress but the weekend is near. More time to quilt. Hooray!!! Hooray!!!
I plan on putting my on-going quilt block as a side bar as soon as my DS comes over. I have decided to turn it into a year long quilt. From Sept 2009 to Sept 2010 without stopping the chain. I can cut blocks and make things but I cannot stop the chain. I have over 200 inches at this time. I plan on working on it every Tuesday at Sit and Sew. The Lutheran church near my job has a sit and craft night every Tuesday. You bring whatever you want to work on and socialize with other crafters. In my case ooh and aah. One of my co-worker's mother is a quilter and she attends every Tuesday. She does not attend the church but will find out if I can attend since she was invited by a friend. Keep your fingers crossed. The sit and sew I attend is about a 30-40 minute drive from my job and it is every 2nd and 4th Tuesday. The nice part is it is at a quilt shop and you can buy fabric or supplies if you need it. Maybe I will attend both.
Lots of quilting.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quilt Pattern Organizer

I went to my quilting group last night and had a lot of fun. Show and tell was great. I won the door prize last month and had to bring something this month. I decided to make a quilt pattern organizer. I love mine. I found the pattern on All People Quilt and decided to modify it to meet my needs. I also changed the closure to a button and ribbon.

I bought the 8-pocket folder from Office Depot. I now can keep track of the patterns I am working on (and future patterns). I am working on a smaller version for taking to the quilt store (shopping list with supplies and samples).

I started attending Sit and Sew at one of my local quilt shops. I have so many quilts I want to make I could not decide on a project for working on there. So I decided to make an ongoing quilt block that I plan to cut up into scrap squares or triangles or tumblers or some shape and sew together.
Since I have quite a few scraps I can keep this going forever. I am sewing to about three inches away from the end of each row so that the rows can continue on. They are two inches wide (I had a lot of these) and no more than 6 1/2inches long but no smaller than 1 inch in length. I will keep you posted on my never ending block.
Last night I started sewing my strips together for my Sunshine and Shadow quilt with Nadine. I will post pictures this weekend. We divided the quilt up into sections. We are working on the four corners. Nadine e-mailed my pictures of her strips and they are beautiful. Thanks Nadine.
Happy quilting.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Quilt Started

I guess you could say I have started another quilt. I completed my color reference board.
I did not include the inner or outer border colors on the board.

I have cut all my strips and labelled them with my numerical system. They are just waiting to be sewn. I will keep you posted on my progress.


More Sunshine and Shadow

Sorry I haven't blogged anything lately but I have been busy with my quilting projects. I will try to blog every other Sunday. That way I will have something to show and tell.
I have started cutting the strips for my Sunshine and Shadow quilt. I have 18 colors but will not use them all but want to have them available if needed. I sent Nadine some fabric and numbered each piece so that we could coordinate our colors. When you look at a picture vs looking at the actual quilt the colors may be a little different. So I need her help with the different colors. I made a new color reference board. I wanted to show Nadine what I was talking about so I decided to put a picture on my blog. I have made one before when I was making a Bargello quilt and found it quite helpful.
I have a curtain rod running along the top of my bookcase with curtain hooks that I can hang notes to myself there, as well as quilt patterns and finished quilts. It is a very helpful rod.

Recently I took one of my quilt tops to work to photograph and one of my co-workers whose mother quilts ask me why I iron my seams open. I iron them open because that was the way I learned to sew plus I get a flatter, neater seam and my seams seem to match when I sew them together.
My DS is having a birthday this month and wants a quilt. King size no less. So I am going to start two new quilts this month. I know this is against my New Years Resolution but he's my son and I not only love him, I like him. So I am searching through my stash for blues, reds and lights. The pattern is Hudson River Chain by Maria Umhey. The pattern is in The Quilter January 2007 issue.
The closer it gets to September the more excited I am about going to the Jacksonville Quilt Show. The lady I am going with has made our hotel reservations. We will be staying at the same hotel we stayed in last year. They give a special rate for the show.
Happy Quilting.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quilting Along Merrily

I finished by block of the month blocks for July and have sent them off. I am still trying to decide if I like this block. I haven't started any new projects lately (although I have wanted to). I have been browsing the internet, visiting blogs, wishing and dreaming. But I have stuck to my goals of completing a project before I start something else.
Although I am going to make what I call a quilt planner for my quilting group. Once again I won the door prize and need to bring the next prize. I want to bring something that I made instead of something I bought. I have one and I use it all the time. It holds six patterns and room for notes. Mine does not have a cover but I am going to make a test cover with mine before I make the one as a prize. I will post pictures when I finish.
I am getting ready for my trip to the Jacksonville Quilt show. I have chose the pattern I want to make and ordered it. It is paper piecing. Lots of it. So I decided to make a small ironing board to take with me. I had seen the board on several blogs and never thought I would want one. Now I do. It was fun and easy to make. I bought my dinner tray from WalMart for $8. The material and elastic was from my stash. I would say it took me less than 2 hours to make it. I did a lot of planning before I cut into my fabric since I was using left over fabric that was not quite wide enough. I am liking this a lot.

I will be starting my Sunshine and Shadow quilt next month. I have mailed the fabric to Nadine.
I hope she likes the colors I chose. I have washed and ironed my fabric. This weekend I plan on cutting into it.
My friend JoAnna will be here sometime today from Colorado. I am taking off work Monday to visit with her. We will have a good time.
Happy quilting. I hope to have a completed quilt to show and tell next time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Love

I have fallen in love again. I beginning to think I am fickle. My mother use to say that all the time when I went from one thing to another. I never thought I was. But now I think I am because I love this quilt. If you remember Crazy Mama Quilts was having a quilt-along with nine patches. And being that I love nine patches or any patch for that matter, I decided to once again be a straggler. I did not join because I have so many other projects going on and did not think I could keep up. Well, I have 89 nine patch squares and decided to start joining them together. I tried the 2 1/2" wide strips and did not like it. I knew I had seen the pattern on SoupQuilts website and decided to read the instructions. She has 1 1/2" wide (unfinished) sashing on her quilt. I decided to give it a try and I like it much better. So in order to make a quilt big enough for a queen size bed I need to make more blocks. I think I need 11 x11 blocks to make it big enough for my bed. So, on I go making nine patches and thrilling my heart with each new patch. I hope to have it completed by winter. I do not want to catch a cold from lack of a quilt.
Oh, I live in sunny Florida. I feel a trip in the making this winter. Just me and my trusty quilt. Oklahoma, Indiana, Idaho, South Dakota. Nice thoughts.

I always name my sewing machines. I do not know why but I do. I guess it is because I talk to them. Sometimes they need words of encouragement, compliments on their stitching, or a little rub on their tummy. So I decided to introduce you to my Sapphire. I have had her for quite some time but I have not used her much. My intention when I bought her was to have a sewing machine just for quilting. I would have her set up and ready to quilt one of my many UFOs. But my free motion quilting leaves a lot to be desired. It looks more like sick motion quilting or free motion quilting blind folded.

So, in June I took a free motion quilting class again. I learned a lot but my quilting looked like a four legged lizard trying to square dance. Not that I have anything against lizards square dancing-just not on my quilt. You will be glad to know that I have since started practicing my free motion quilting and I can see some improvement. The lizard is still there but now at least he is tap dancing.
I have finished my block of the month blocks. I will mail them tomorrow after I take pictures and post them. I won the blocks for June-the ribbon pattern. I like that pattern. I will make a few extra blocks and make a nice quilt.
My friend JoAnna at Banana River Quilts bought a Featherweight sewing machine on e-bay. She says she will post pictures of it. I am so glad for her. She has wanted a Featherweight every since I have known her. Congratulations on your new baby JoAnna.
Happy quilting this week.
p.s. I want a Featherweight too.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

I finally finished the baby quilt for my co-worker. I like the way it turned out.

This is my favorite. I like putting the birth announcement on the back.

I finished off the blocks for my block of the month club. I saw this block in a quilt over on the Idaho Quilter's blog and I thought at the time that it was a nice quilt pattern. I hope I win this month. Oh, and has anyone heard from the Idaho Quilter. She hasn't blogged since she moved closer to her family. I enjoyed her blog. She did/does beautiful patchwork and applique'.
I haven't been doing much sewing. I have been busy working on my Sunshine and Shadow that I plan to start on in August. I did not know how much planning goes into planning the quilt from a photo or image in your mind to the finished product. But I love it.
Look at what I found for $10.00. It is going to make the perfect quilting table. One of the maintance men at work is going to make an extension for the back that folds down so that when I am not quilting it does not take up much room. The only drawback I saw was that it did not have a drawer but for $10 I can live without it.
I hope everyone has a lovely Fourth of July. I plan on celebrating with my daughter and son.
I live close to the beach and can watch the fireworks from my house.
Happy sewing.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life Is Good

Sorry I hadn't posted lately but I have been busy at work.
I finished my Straggler Calender Quilt and back. I will post pictures after I contact the person I fashioned by quilt after.
I am a nurse. I am other things but I am a nurse by profession. I am writing this because this is so close to my heart and every day of my life I relive this scenario.
Everyone, and I mean everyone needs a DNR. THAT DOES NOT MEAN anyone is going to let you die. It means if we find you dead we leave you dead. You are brain dead 4 minutes after you die. There is no quality of life left. You are a vegetable. Someone will wipe you butt and a tube inserted into your stomach through the abdomen will feed you. You will be turned side to side every two hours.You may end up with a bed sore on your sacral area the size of your dinner plate. Your heels may turn beet red, then purple, then open up and turn black with a hard scab.
I have never met anyone that made it to the other side and came back knocking to be let back in. Sometimes death is a blessing. Get a DNR.
Everyone, and I mean everyone, young, old, rich, poor, black, white, red, yellow or blue needs a Power of Attorney. It does not have to be your favorite niece, favorite son, loving spouse. It means someone you can trust. Someone that will carry out your wishes. Someone that knows what your wishes are and is willing to stand up and fright for you when your cannot fight for yourself. If you are frightened to let anyone know what your wishes are for whatever reason, get a Living Will put it in a sealed envelope and give it to someone you trust or an attorney. Tell them, "open this up only if something happens to me and I cannot make my own decisions". Do not trust ANYONE with something as precious as your life.
We were all born to die. That is a no brainer, a given, or what ever you know to be the truth. What we do in between being born and death is all that counts. You cannot go back. You cannot do a retake. This is the real thing. If you want to do it, do it. Take that chance. Step out of the box. This is your life. Make the most of it.
Lovingly yours.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Straggler Calender Quilt

I have finished the strips for my Straggler Calender Quilt. I love the way the strips turned out. I started out with 12 1/2 inch strips but cut them down to 10 inch after I changed the sashing and border. Hopefully, I will finish the sashing and border this weekend and quilt it during the week.
This is the baby quilt I made for my co-worker. I really like the colors. I am going to try quilting it on my short arm machine rather than the long arm. I hope to start quilting it on Sunday afternoon.
I enrolled in the one day machine quilting class through my quilting guild. Cindye Baily is teaching the class. I have put so many of the quilting gadgets I have bought over the years in my sewing tote. I want to try them out in the class.
Back to sewing the sashing.