Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Quilt

Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season.
My birthday is just six days a way and I found the most wonderful present for myself. I started giving my darling children hints. I have texted them pictures. Sent them e-mails. I am getting older and want to downsize. I do not need anymore electronics/DVD/knick knacks/kitchen gadgets/auto gizmos. I want an electic blade sharpener. I have spent hours reading articles and reviews on the internet about the sharpener. I keep my old blades in an jar. Why I could not tell you. I am hoping this will cut down on the number of blades I buy. Plus, I will have a fresh, new blade for each project.
My biggy for this month is that I am starting a mystery quilt with my friend JoAnna. I have cut the first set of strips and am mailing them to her today. I know what the quilt is but JoAnna does not. I think it should take us about three months to finish.
I bought Simplicity pattern 2274 (Bridesmaids duffle bags) at JoAnna's while it was on sale. I want to make one for my trip to Paducah in April. Any suggestions will be helpful. I may buy some fabric. I am trying to not buy fabric this year. Shop Home is my motto this year.
Happy quilting.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Pillowcases

I did not forget my promise to you but I was busy sewing and thought maybe you would forgive me this once.
I have been making pillowcases to sell at my job. I made 18 and sold them all. I was a little bit afraid that they would not sell. Wrong.
This one is my favorite. I love the black band at the top.

I had so much fun putting the colors together.

The pumpkins are cute.

More that I love.

Would I do it again? Yes.

And more goodies.

I am going to make two more for my daughter and her boyfriend this week. I will post them when I finish. I want to make her a bag but I do not think the material I ordered will get here in time. Something for next year.

I was out today shopping and went to my local quilt shop and got my free fat quarter. I am a Sew Special member. For being a member we get a discount off our fabric and a free fat quarter every month and an extra one on our birthday. This month I chose a black print for a quilt I plan to make early next year.

On the way home I decided to detour and go to my favorite thrift store. While I was there I found this honey for $15.

I have always wanted a beige/tan Singer every since I saw a friend of mine using one her mother gave her. There are no attachments or manuals. I will look on ebay and see what I can find. It is a Singer Model 237.

I have not tried sewing on it yet. The bobbin case is dirty and a little rusty. I will take it to the sewing machine shop near my job next week and get him to give her a good cleaning and a once over.
This weekend I am working on a Halloween wallhanging for my door.

Happy sewing.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Jacksonville Quilt Show

I am off to the Jacksonville Quilt Show. I love this show. It was the first real quilt show I ever went to. So, going is like a pilgrimage for me. It cleanses my soul. Calms my nerves. Gets my digestive fluids flowing (once again I have gone to far, but you get the meaning).

Monday, September 19, 2011

Halloween Log Cabin Mystery Quilt

I spent a little time this weekend making my blocks for the Halloween Log Cabin Mystery Quilt my quilt group is making. I plan on making three of the small hangings. One for my daughter, one to give away and one for myself. I am going to hang mine on my front door.
I went against my NO BUY rule and spent quite a bit of money to buy material to make Halloween pillowcases for the activities department to sell in their little shop. I will post pictures of them when I finish.
I also cut out the material for a tablecloth I am making for a friend. I felt quite queasy about cutting into someone else's material. Like I was going to make this major mistake. I think that is why I haven't finished it. So, the top will be finished by Wednesday. I am going to meet her at the Jacksonville quilt show this weekend and we will find some material for the back.
I haven't posted any pictures because my camera is on the blink. I am going to look around for a new one. But I will soon (if I have to borrow one).
Happy quilting.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend Plans

The weekend is approaching and I will be having a sew-in on Saturday and maybe a little sewing on Sunday. I have to finish my block of the month blocks and get them mailed on Monday.
While reading Better Homes and Gardening's blog All People Quilt I came across two quilts I really like. The first is the Sickle Quilt and the second is an Amish Quilt called Plain Speaking.
I do not have any gray for the Sickle Quilt but I think I could make an exception to my no buy rule and buy some. I have all the material needed for the Plain Speaking quilt.
I will spend some of my time drafting a quilt pattern for the Plain Speaking quilt and dreaming about the Sickle quilt. I like my quilts to be bed size so the center square in a square will be quite big. But I like it.
I also plan on woking on the border of my Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. I have the pieces cut out, I just have to sew them together. I also have to trim it before adding the borders.
Have a happy weekend.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

It has been soooooo long since I last blogged. But I have not forgotten you. I just could not seem to find the time to blog. But I am going to. I know I have said this over and over. But this time I promise (My Quilter's Oath) to blog at least once a month until I am too old and senile to blog anymore. Until my fingers are so arthritic I cannot hold a needle to sew on binding. Until I have forgotten what a quarter inch seam is. Until seeing a quilt with flying geese anywhere on it does not make my heart beat just a little faster. Until the smell of fabric no longer makes me smile. Until my car no longer knows the way to the quilt store by itself.
You get the picture.
Anyway, I sew one hour a day. My progress may be a little slow but I do get there. Right now I am working on Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. It is coming along nicely.
Happy Labor Day.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My No Buy Diet

Being on this no buy diet is slowly sucking the life out of me. Really. There are so many things I want to buy. I may have to break down and buy Weeks Ringle (I love that name) and Bill Kerr's book, Quilts Made Modern. I love the quilt on the cover. I have started a wish list for when I do start spending again. You should see my list. It is about five pages long and written on both sides. OMG, I feel greedy. But I am going to be on this fabrics/notions/books/magazine diet for the rest of the year. I may extend it until next year if I find that I still have a lot of UFOs. You should see me somedays when I have to drive pass a quilt shop. It would make you want to throw me a fat quarter. I have almost ran off the road trying to drive with tears in my eyes. I know it would be simpler to go the long way home but this is the long way home. Seriously, I have made progress in my quilting. AND I am so proud of myself for not buying fabric to stash away. Just keep sewing and quilting. Jeri