Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Pincushion

Since I am not sewing this month (except for quilting JoAnna's quilt) I have found myself looking through quilt magazines and patterns for quilts I would like to make next year. I think I am up to seventy-five. LOL. There are so many nice patterns out there it makes you want to live forever.
Bonnie Hunter has a mystery quilt in progress at
I want to make it later in the year. I am quilting one of her quilts now. Her Scrappy Bargello was easy to make. You can use any size squares and you have a nice size quilt in no time.
We had decided not to go to the Jacksonville show next year (2010) as we are going to Houston, my quilt guild show, the show in Trenton, the World Quilt Show again and Linda's quilt guild show. Plus any other show close to home. But Bonnie Hunter is coming to the Jacksonville show and I want to see her. JoAnna took a class from her is Colorado and said it was nice class.
I do not know how many quilters started out life in homemake economics class making clothes but I did not. That came later. It is not my choice of sewing but I made all my children's clothes when they were little. I also made a few things for myself. I was looking around on the McCall's website and found the cutest patterns. One is a dress that could be made longer for a New Year's Eve dress in black or red The other pattern was by a designer/pattern maker called Marfu, an Italian designer. It is a cape that could be made into an evening jacket. Take a look at it at I do not know if I will be making any clothes this year but I did like these patterns.

I have made another pincushion. I made it and did not like the height so I took it apart with my handy-dandy seam ripper and decreased the height. It is about 2 1/2 inches in height. It was about 4 inches in height.

Will I make it again? Yes, but I would make it wider/rounder. This project offered me the chance to make hexagons for the first time. I enjoyed that. I can see a Grandmother's Garden quilt in my future.

This is my first Christmas gift for 2009. I have wanted this since my friend JoAnna told me about it.

This is my second Christmas gift. I had a 50% off from JoAnn's and could not find anything I wanted to buy. I had wanted to buy this book last summer but I didn't. But since I went to my big stitch class I have had the urge to quilt my daughter's Girl Scout quilt I made her. I put a lot of patches on it (front and back) so handquilting is the answer.
I made my Christmas list and mailed it to Santa. My wants and wishes will not cost him a penny. Just changing the minds and hearts of others. I want/wish for world communication. I do not think we will ever have world peace. But we can have world communication. Talk. Talk. Talk.
So, this Christmas season talk to your neighbor.
Happy Holidays.

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  1. WOW ! LOVELY projects, my friend ! ;>)
    I LOVE, love, love your pincushion. It is absolutely beautiful and so cute !
    Hmmmm, I'm in the mood of nice projects, too (as every quilter, at this moment, I guess). First on my TOP list being to finish my (our) Sunshine & Shadow. I was quite delayed with our family sad events, but now I'm slowly getting my mojo back....
    Keep going, dear Jeri ! Your posts are always such an inspiration ;>)
    In true friendship,