Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spiderweb Quilt Progress

I finally finished the Spiderweb quilt top. Next weekend I will start quilting it. I could not decide if I wanted lime green or the blue I had bought for the borders. I decided to go with the blue and I am really happy with it. This quilt is going to be a little bit bright.
Please forgive my photography. I have never been able to take good photos.

I also completed the 60 string blocks for Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, Roll, Roll, Cotton Roll. I need to square them up and cut them in half. Since I have the instructions I may just skip to the last step and sew them together and then start on the 600 red triangles. So, my next leader-ender project is the 600 red triangles. I have not decided what color green I want to use. There are so many greens on the market. Also, my pinks are not girlie pink. They are a more subdued pink. Okay, flat pink.

The next quilt I am going to finish is the cat quilt. I need to finish up all my quilts I started over the last two-three years. This may turn into a never ending New Year's Resolution.
Happy quilting.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spiderweb Quilt Progress

I did not think I would get this far after getting into putting it all together. Matching the hexagon centers were a little much. I have one left that I am not really happy with but I can only do as much as I can do. I took it out twice and I do not feel good about taking it out a third time.
I went to the quilt shop to get my free fat quarter this month and saw this blue color on the sale wall. Plus, it was end of the month sale and I got an additional off.
While I was there I asked Theresa, the shop owner, about border ideas. She suggested a black border to frame it and then the blue and maybe another black border.

I did like that suggestion as it toned the blue down a little. I put what my quilt group refers to as a thread catcher on the edges. When I attach the border I will have an half inch border showing.
I am thinking that I will make the blue border 3-inches wide and then make a wide binding on the front and the back. I read somewhere about making wide bindings. I will google it later today.
I think I am going to like this quilt.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spiderweb Quilt

I cannot believe how cold it is this year. I have always said we have four seasons in Florida-hot, hotter, hotter-hotter, and hottest. Never have I experienced it being this cold for this long. We usually have a few cold days in the winter, but nothing like this. I feels good to sleep under a quilt.
One of my recycled New Year's resolutions is to finish some of my quilts this year. I know you are wondering what is a recycled New Year's resolution. Well, it is the same resolutions I had last year and did not make good on them. My intentions were good, but willpower was a little lacking.
This year I am going to finish off the quilts I started over the last three years.
I decided to start with the Spiderweb Quilt I was making for my daughter. So I pulled out the stack of triangles.
While I was looking at them I wondered why I had put them aside. It was the way I was taught to do it. In the class we were taught to put them together to make a larger triangle. For some reason this did not work out well for me. So I took two triangles and put them together to make a square. I made four squares.
I took the four squares and made two strips.

I took the two strips and made one larger square. Which I like.

This weekend I plan on putting all my squares together. I do have some triangles put together that I need to take out. I want to have my quilt top done by Sunday evening. That does not include the borders (I have not decided what I am going to use for the borders).
I also want to make Bonnie's quilt Roll Roll, Cotton Roll. Since I am not crazy about the light strips I plan on doing that step first. I have went through my stash and found all the light I could. I have cut a large bag full and plan doing it as a leader-ender project. I have this bad habit of doing what I do not like first and the fun comes later. Silly I know but that is just being jeri.
I forgot to blog on my Clamshell progress. I did not make much progress in December. The holidays made everything rush-rush-rush. Now that I am back to sewing I hope to make some progress this month.
Until we chat again.