Sunday, February 21, 2010

Design Wall Monday

On February6 I went to West Palm Beach and took a class on making a spiderweb quilt. I spent the night at my friend Liz's house (she also took the class). It was a fantastic class. I stepped out of my box and used bright (as bright as I could handle) colors. One thing I did do was add a one inch strip to outline my spiderweb. I have made several more triangles but I still have a few more to go. I would make this quilt again.
With the scraps I have left over I want to make a string quilt and donate it.

I finished all the cats for my cat quilt. The strips along the right hand side of the photo is my borders. The pattern call for trianges on the corners of the squares but I really did not like that. Tuesday when I go to my crafting group I will lay all the cats out on the floor and arrange them.

I made some extra cats for the back.
I saw this quilt at work and thought you would like to see it. I wanted to get a photo of the quilt with the squares on the top side but she had made her bed up this way. I will try to get a better photo but I hope you can see what I loved about this quilt from these two photos.

This is a closer view of the blocks. All the different colors just make this a beautiful quilt.

It was a long week at work. I got the job as the Discharge Planner. There is so much to remember/learn about Medicare/Medicaid/HMO/Private pay insurances.
Happy quilting.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Help Along the Way

They have a job opening at my job for a Discharge Planner. It would entail getting the residents ready to go home after rehab has been completed. You would work closely with the doctors, other facilities (long term care or ALF), ordering any equipment they may need, and home health care. The Discharge Planner also tries to help solve any foreseeable problems that the family may have at home. There are other duties I know but this is the jest of the job. I am interested in the job but I am a little reluctant to apply. Two other floor nurses have applied and I already have a nice job. I like what I do-no, I enjoy what I do. Some days the hours are long but I am single and I only need to leave on time on Tuesday. So, to me changing would be no big deal. I just would like to try this job. Am I making any sense?
After work today I went to have the oil changed in my car and was reading in the waiting room when I came across this quote by Muhammad Ali:
He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
Your fellow quilter,