Sunday, January 24, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I am going to West Palm Beach in February to take a Spiderweb quilt class. I got the materials list/cutting list today. I will be spending the night with my friend Lizzy who will also be taking the class. I plan to step outside of my box and use bright colors with a black print background.
I finished off 247 kite triangles. I am going to the sit and sew on Tuesday. I plan on laying the quilt pieces out on the floor there.
Nadine sent me a copy of a cat pattern I admired on her blog. Since I was cutting the kite pieces from fat quarters and left over pieces I decided to cut out a few cats. Once I cut them out I had to sew two. I like them. I plan on making more cat blocks.

I will continue on my sewing journey and wish you the best on yours.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Taking these days off work has given me time to look through my UFOs and assess my quilting needs, wants and desires. Not that I ever follow my own advise. I just seem to wander down bunny trails at the sign of a good breeze.
I took down the lights and started taking them apart for the red and white snowball quilt. I put up the kite quilt pieces to see how they look. I am pleased with the colors but I will rearrange them when I get all the pieces/blocks made. I want to add some lighter colors also.

The pieces around the sides and at the bottom are blocks I need to finish. I am trying to put no more than three of the same fabric in the quilt.

I could not have made these blocks without my rotating cutting board and 28mm rotary cutter.
To make the Y-seams I used the little blue thingy (I do not know the name of this gadget) on the cutting board. I ordered some fabric from and they sent it to me as a gift. This tool makes it so easy. You mark the quarter inch seam and sew. Makes perfect Y-seams everytime.
Happy piecing.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Blog

I have five days to use before my anniversary at work or I lose my PTO days, so I took off Friday-Tuesday to work in my garage. That means I am suppose to be throwing out anything that does not belong to me (I hope). Well, I moved everything to one side of the garage and found this.
The wall was not wet, just the paint chipping off. Still I made my way down to my local Lowe's (one of my favorite stores) and got something to seal the concrete. So, what I thought was going to be a simple throw out job has turned into much bigger job. But I am glad I found it, it could have been worse.
I decided to do a show and tell of the Jacksonville Show 2009.

These quilts are from one of my favorite quilt shops-The Olde Green Cupboard in Jacksonville. They always have such a nice display of quilts in their shop. The saleswomen are friendly and helpful. The quilt above is something I would make if I was retired and had time on my hand. I like it.

I like the way the stars are staggered, not just across from each other. I did not get the name of the pattern but I am sure that they would help me find it. I also like the colors.

One word. Yummy.

I have this pattern. It is an original pattern put out by The Olde Green Cupboard. I bought it a coule of years ago but I have never made it. I love the colors. I am an autumn girl.

I bought this pattern but I have no idea why. I think I liked the scrappiness.

I also bought this pattern and I know why. I love it.
The quilt fairies have been back to my job this year. They come once a year around Christmas time and leave maybe a dozen small quilts. The size to put on your lap when you sit in your wheelchair. I fell in love with this one. All the quilts are scrappy. But this one caught my eye and I fell head over heels in love. I call it Four Patches.

It is made of four different patches that are 10 inch by 10 inch. I wrote down the measurements of each patch for my future use.
I finally finished off my Stash Pot Pie quilt. On my birthday. Two reasons to celebrate.
It is 90 inches by 100 inches. It turned out to be much nicer than I thought it was going too. I do not mind telling you that I was nervous about putting the pieces together. So I put the three inch pieces in a brown paper bag, shook it up and pulled out each piece. The only reason to put it back was if it was the same color.

I now need to decide on a back. I know how I want to quilt it. I have been watching The Pajama Quilter. She has a quilting design she does called dwirling. It is so cute.
Since I am going to give this quilt to one of my children, any mistakes will be overlooked with love.
I hope everyone will have fun with their quilting this year.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quilts For the New Year

It feels so good to be sewing again. After a month of cutting and dreaming I am ready to get back to sewing.
I did not make much progress on JoAnna's quilt but I will be back working on it today. I also plan to finish off my on-going quilt block quilt this month. I did finish the back.

The next four quilts are from People, Places and Quilts in South Carolina. We stopped there on the Lancaster last year. I like this quilt. I have never made a "fun" quilt. All my quilts are traditional. I may put this on my wish list.
I thought this was an easy baby quilt if I needed one fast.

This is also what I consider a "fun" quilt. I like it a lot too.

Another easy baby quilt. I like the colors.

This picture and the one below is from a vendor's booth at the Jacksonville show 2009. They let me take a picture of the quilt although they had sold the quilt to The Olde Green Cupboard. I just love the pink background.

Anyone know where to find the pink? It looked like bubble gum. I could make a pattern for my blog. My first.

I know my photography sucks but I had to tell you about these. One of my co-workers made them. They are large pretzel sticks and a candy coating she bought at JoAnn's fabrics/crafts.
She made a peanut butter one (top) that was so-o-o-o good. They also sell the plastic bags she put them in. I love this and will make some next Valentine's day with a red or pick coating.

This is on my design board and has been there a year. So I have to do something with them as I have changed my mind about the quilt I was making. I am seriously thinking of using them to make the Red and White Snowball Quilt. I missed the swap but I have enough red scraps to make it. I would make my blocks 7 1/2 inches since the squares are already 3 inches square. I could have it done my Christmas 2010. Am I heading down the right path or do I need to keep dreaming?
Happy quilting.