Monday, January 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Taking these days off work has given me time to look through my UFOs and assess my quilting needs, wants and desires. Not that I ever follow my own advise. I just seem to wander down bunny trails at the sign of a good breeze.
I took down the lights and started taking them apart for the red and white snowball quilt. I put up the kite quilt pieces to see how they look. I am pleased with the colors but I will rearrange them when I get all the pieces/blocks made. I want to add some lighter colors also.

The pieces around the sides and at the bottom are blocks I need to finish. I am trying to put no more than three of the same fabric in the quilt.

I could not have made these blocks without my rotating cutting board and 28mm rotary cutter.
To make the Y-seams I used the little blue thingy (I do not know the name of this gadget) on the cutting board. I ordered some fabric from and they sent it to me as a gift. This tool makes it so easy. You mark the quarter inch seam and sew. Makes perfect Y-seams everytime.
Happy piecing.

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