Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Blog

I have five days to use before my anniversary at work or I lose my PTO days, so I took off Friday-Tuesday to work in my garage. That means I am suppose to be throwing out anything that does not belong to me (I hope). Well, I moved everything to one side of the garage and found this.
The wall was not wet, just the paint chipping off. Still I made my way down to my local Lowe's (one of my favorite stores) and got something to seal the concrete. So, what I thought was going to be a simple throw out job has turned into much bigger job. But I am glad I found it, it could have been worse.
I decided to do a show and tell of the Jacksonville Show 2009.

These quilts are from one of my favorite quilt shops-The Olde Green Cupboard in Jacksonville. They always have such a nice display of quilts in their shop. The saleswomen are friendly and helpful. The quilt above is something I would make if I was retired and had time on my hand. I like it.

I like the way the stars are staggered, not just across from each other. I did not get the name of the pattern but I am sure that they would help me find it. I also like the colors.

One word. Yummy.

I have this pattern. It is an original pattern put out by The Olde Green Cupboard. I bought it a coule of years ago but I have never made it. I love the colors. I am an autumn girl.

I bought this pattern but I have no idea why. I think I liked the scrappiness.

I also bought this pattern and I know why. I love it.
The quilt fairies have been back to my job this year. They come once a year around Christmas time and leave maybe a dozen small quilts. The size to put on your lap when you sit in your wheelchair. I fell in love with this one. All the quilts are scrappy. But this one caught my eye and I fell head over heels in love. I call it Four Patches.

It is made of four different patches that are 10 inch by 10 inch. I wrote down the measurements of each patch for my future use.
I finally finished off my Stash Pot Pie quilt. On my birthday. Two reasons to celebrate.
It is 90 inches by 100 inches. It turned out to be much nicer than I thought it was going too. I do not mind telling you that I was nervous about putting the pieces together. So I put the three inch pieces in a brown paper bag, shook it up and pulled out each piece. The only reason to put it back was if it was the same color.

I now need to decide on a back. I know how I want to quilt it. I have been watching The Pajama Quilter. She has a quilting design she does called dwirling. It is so cute.
Since I am going to give this quilt to one of my children, any mistakes will be overlooked with love.
I hope everyone will have fun with their quilting this year.

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