Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Clamshell Club

I joined the Clamshell Club. I do not have any pictures this week but I will have next week.
So, what have I done? I went to the library and found a pattern. I enlarged it to be approx. 4.5 inches at the widest point. I took an afternoon to learn the different types of applique. I have not really appliqued anything even thought I took a class. Connecting Threads has a nice tutorial on applique. I decided to use freezer paper. I have some mylar template plastic that I have used in the past and was going to use that but the freezer paper is my choice. So, this is my to-do list:
Copy of pattern-done
Make a master copy of the pattern (4 clamshells will fit on a sheet of paper)-done
Cut my freezer paper to fit my copier-to do
Make 25 copies to start-to do
Will have photos before the week is over. I plan to start with the light colors. The word here is PLAN (which always go astray).
Happy quilting.