Saturday, March 21, 2009

I know that this is two blogs in one day but I had to let you know how my day went.
I did not find a camera that fit my budget (not too expensive that when I lose it I won't cry but takes really nice pictures). The search will continue.
I went motorcycle riding this morning with my DEH. It was great. I love motorcycles. We rode for about 2-3 hours. The weather was great. The scenery was wonderful. I love the feel of the wind in my face.
Then I worked on my Siggy blocks and sewed more strips for my Straggler Calender Quilt.
I am not going to make a full year with this quilt at the rate I am sewing, so I decided to make extra strips and make a basketweave quilt. I will use the same size strips and just make them into 12 inch squares. I saw a basketweave quilt on MaryQuilts blog and fell in love with it. Go see it.
I have completed Step 4 of Bears in the Farmhouse with Patchwork Times. I am pleased with the colors. I will make this quilt again but maybe use plaids. I saw that Suze-The Thread and I did her quilt in plaids and it is very pretty.

This is a closer view. I like the rusty red color.

This is January and February strips for my Straggler Calender Quilt over at P.S. i quilt. I am having a good time making this quilt. I have enough strips sewn together for March, April and May. I will post them in March, April and May.
I am going to make a Chinese coin quilt out of my strips. I want my sashing and borders to be realitively thin so not to take away from all the fabrics I like. I will post my green later (need new camera).
I bought these fat quarters at the quilt show in Jacksonville, Fl. I really loved the fabric and decided to try to find more. I wanted to see what patterns were available and decided to buy a layer cake. Well I bidded on two layer cakes on e-bay (one by mistake-hoping someone would out bid me). Well I won both. In the meantime I bought a jelly roll at my LQS thinking I was going to be outbid on e-bay (it was the last one). I have decided to make a quilt called Candy Bar Road out of it.
I will be going on a bus tour at the end of the month with several other quilters. I have made a promise to myself not to buy any material. I have too much already. I will buy a pantograph and some quilting paper. I need to use what I have.
I have bought too much stuff from different quilt shows and shops knowing that I will make something with it and never making a thing.
I am going out today and buy a camera. I saw a camera advertised at Big Lots for $69. My local store had sold all of the ones they had. I am going to go to Radio Shack and see what they have.
I might try WalMart or Target. I like Target.
Visit my friend JoAnna at Banana River Quilts this weekend. She promised to post some things.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This post is for my friend JoAnna and to thank her for all her encouragement to "make, coax, shame" me into using my quilting machine. Thank you.
This is my first completed quilt of 2009.

I love the back.

This is a picture of the quilt on the frame.
Thanks JoAnna.

Monday, March 9, 2009

This is all twelve blocks laid out on my floor. I hope you can see them.

Oops. After I go home tonight I noticed that one of my blocks was wrong. So I corrected it. The next step is to be sent out tomorrow. Wish me luck.
For some reason I want to make a basket quilt. I do not want to start with something hard and frustrating (I might give up and quit). I want just a simple basket with a handle. I have been looking around and I think when I get back from Pennsylvania and my Stash Pot Pie is completed I will try the basket pattern I saw over on About It is a six-inch square block, quite simple and looks easy enough for someone who has never made a basket quilt.
I am going to shut down my sewing machine, turn off the iron, and cut out the light in my sewing room and call it a night.
Sleep tight.

I finished them and e-mailed them off to Judy over at Patchwork Times.
I am off to work and will be there until.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

These are a few of the bearpaws I am making with Judy over at Patchwork Times. I hope to have them all done by Sunday night. They are due on Monday. I really like my colors. I was a little wishy-washy about the green and red but I like it.

I think I told you how I am always late getting into swaps and sew alongs, but I loved the idea of doing a quilt for a year. Above is a few of the strips I am making as a straggler in the Calender quilt over at P.S. I quilt. I love her site. Go and visit.

These are the grey squares I have been making. I hope to make them into a quilt called In The Pink on the Windham Fabrics website. They have a lot of nice patterns. I am not going to use pink, I hope to use a dark red. I have a dark red I like but I do not have enough of it.

This is a closer view of the squares so you can see the Ugh material. LOL.

I have accomplished quite a bit today. I did not go to the Strawberry Festival but I can still go on Sunday. I went to one of my favorite quilt shops and bought some muslin for the signature part of my Siggy squares. While I was there I bought some fat quarters for a log cabin that I want to make in the future. I really like autumn colors.
I worked for an hour on my Happy Houses but did not accomplish any completed houses. I have several houses without roofs and chimneys.
My son is coming over tomorrow morning to help with some yard work so I know my morning will be tied up. I'm going to cook a Tuna Noodle Casserole as a thank you for helping me.
Happy sewing.
It is the start of another quilting weekend. I hope to accomplish quite a few things this weekend. I need to work on Bears in the Farmhouse and get it e-mailed to Judy, work on my gray squares, work on my BOM blocks, do some strips for Stash Pot Pie (I have all 99 of the one color strips completed and quite a few of the others-I hope to have all the strips completed this weekend), practice free motion quilting for 15 minutes a day, work on my Calender quilt, Happy Houses, Siggy blocks, and quilt Solange's quilt.
I had planned on going to the quilt shop for some white muslin for my Siggy squares but I do not know if I am going to make it. I also want to go to the Strawberry Festival. I plan to freeze some strawberries this year. If I do not go one of my co-workers said she would buy me some strawberries and bring them to work Monday (sounds good to me right now).
I know this sound like a lot but a lot of it just finishing off what I have been working on for the last two weeks.
The hardest part for me will be the block for Bears in the Farmhouse. I like the colors that I chose for the bear paws but I am having second thoughts about the sashing. Judy has her sashing all different colors. I just do not see that as me. I found a nice yellow in my stash and think I am going to try that.
My gray nine patch blocks are blocks that I have been working on for a while. I will post pictures of them. The gray material is something that makes you wonder what you were thinking when you bought the material. Ugh. I think I bought it years ago on sale-a cheapy sale.
They are growing on me.
I will post pictures on Saturday night and Sunday night of my progress.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I have had a sewful (is that a word?) two weeks. I started on my Happy Houses. I have a problem with color. I like fall and winter colors, so to make my houses happy I have to really work at it. I peaked at some of the houses that other bloggers had done and I went the Bonnie's site and looked at her quilt. I am still working on my color issue. Wish me luck.

I sewed over 200 HSTs for the Quilt-Along I am doing over at Patchwork Times. I started out with twenty three colors and ended up with thirty-three. The color issue again. I plan to square them up Monday night.

I also started on my Siggy swaps. I am really pleased with the colors I chose for them. When I get them cut and ironed I will post a picture of them.

Last month I went to a quilt show in Orlando, Fl. While there I bought a Supreme Slider for my sewing machine. You know how things work so well at shows and at the quilt shop when someone is guiding/helping you every inch of the way. I was so thrilled to be free motion quilting without stress that I practically begged the lady to take my money. I also bought the hoop. Well, I put it on my sewing machine this week. It feels so nice and smooth. I am going to try to quilt an I Spy quilt I made this coming weekend. I am off.

Oh, and by the way to go with the Supreme Slider and Hoop I ordered two stencils and bounce to make the quilt. I ordered the bounce from JoAnn's on the internet. They do not carry it in my store. I am waiting for the stencils to arrive.

With all my UFOs I want to start another project. Duh. I want a basket quilt. I think they are so pretty. But I cannot start another project until I finish my Stash Pot Pie. I am working on it slowly and faithfully. I just keep going down bunny trails. Anything to avoid my Stash Pot Pie.

May you have a wonderful week.