Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have completed Step 4 of Bears in the Farmhouse with Patchwork Times. I am pleased with the colors. I will make this quilt again but maybe use plaids. I saw that Suze-The Thread and I did her quilt in plaids and it is very pretty.

This is a closer view. I like the rusty red color.

This is January and February strips for my Straggler Calender Quilt over at P.S. i quilt. I am having a good time making this quilt. I have enough strips sewn together for March, April and May. I will post them in March, April and May.
I am going to make a Chinese coin quilt out of my strips. I want my sashing and borders to be realitively thin so not to take away from all the fabrics I like. I will post my green later (need new camera).
I bought these fat quarters at the quilt show in Jacksonville, Fl. I really loved the fabric and decided to try to find more. I wanted to see what patterns were available and decided to buy a layer cake. Well I bidded on two layer cakes on e-bay (one by mistake-hoping someone would out bid me). Well I won both. In the meantime I bought a jelly roll at my LQS thinking I was going to be outbid on e-bay (it was the last one). I have decided to make a quilt called Candy Bar Road out of it.
I will be going on a bus tour at the end of the month with several other quilters. I have made a promise to myself not to buy any material. I have too much already. I will buy a pantograph and some quilting paper. I need to use what I have.
I have bought too much stuff from different quilt shows and shops knowing that I will make something with it and never making a thing.
I am going out today and buy a camera. I saw a camera advertised at Big Lots for $69. My local store had sold all of the ones they had. I am going to go to Radio Shack and see what they have.
I might try WalMart or Target. I like Target.
Visit my friend JoAnna at Banana River Quilts this weekend. She promised to post some things.

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  1. I guess I'll have to make a bears paw too - I'll use my plaid shirts. I wish I had some browns - I have a lot of blues & reds.