Sunday, March 1, 2009

I have had a sewful (is that a word?) two weeks. I started on my Happy Houses. I have a problem with color. I like fall and winter colors, so to make my houses happy I have to really work at it. I peaked at some of the houses that other bloggers had done and I went the Bonnie's site and looked at her quilt. I am still working on my color issue. Wish me luck.

I sewed over 200 HSTs for the Quilt-Along I am doing over at Patchwork Times. I started out with twenty three colors and ended up with thirty-three. The color issue again. I plan to square them up Monday night.

I also started on my Siggy swaps. I am really pleased with the colors I chose for them. When I get them cut and ironed I will post a picture of them.

Last month I went to a quilt show in Orlando, Fl. While there I bought a Supreme Slider for my sewing machine. You know how things work so well at shows and at the quilt shop when someone is guiding/helping you every inch of the way. I was so thrilled to be free motion quilting without stress that I practically begged the lady to take my money. I also bought the hoop. Well, I put it on my sewing machine this week. It feels so nice and smooth. I am going to try to quilt an I Spy quilt I made this coming weekend. I am off.

Oh, and by the way to go with the Supreme Slider and Hoop I ordered two stencils and bounce to make the quilt. I ordered the bounce from JoAnn's on the internet. They do not carry it in my store. I am waiting for the stencils to arrive.

With all my UFOs I want to start another project. Duh. I want a basket quilt. I think they are so pretty. But I cannot start another project until I finish my Stash Pot Pie. I am working on it slowly and faithfully. I just keep going down bunny trails. Anything to avoid my Stash Pot Pie.

May you have a wonderful week.


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