Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I always seem to be a day late when it comes to swaps or challenges or give aways. I found out about the year long quilt over at p.s. I quilt (Calender Challenge) a couple of days after the cut off. So I decided that I would be a straggler and do it anyway and blog about my journey on my blog (giving credit to p.s. I quilt every step of the way). Oh, go over to her blog, it is so neat.
Then I found out about the Siggy swap over at Cootie Bug 2. Of course I was late. But heaven look down on me and said "give the girl a break". I got into the second set of swappers.
Then I was reading a few good bloggers when I came across Judy's Quiltalong. I think I am in.
Okay, I know you are thinking, either you are in or you are not in. Well, this is what happened-I e-mailed her requesting to join and she never e-mailed me back (mix-up). Then I got an e-mail about photos being posted on a special web site set aside for this project. I e-mailed her back and said I did not know that I was in. She e-mailed me back and said I was with attachements for yardage requirements and rules and regulations. Then I read that photos of your material had to be e-mailed to her by February 17. Once again I felt those dreaded heart palpitations.
I could almost feel myself going into a seizure (my aura). It was the 17th of February when I received the e-mail and was on my way to work. I work 3pm-until I finish. So, I quickly sent off an e-mail and let her know that I would send her pictures today (Feb 18). Wish me luck.
Below is a picture of my fabric for the project. I love the touch of green.
I will post the picture tomorrow. I am having problems with my computer.
I have so much more to tell you. I will write more tomorrow.

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