Thursday, April 30, 2009

I cannot believe that I haven't blogged in 2 weeks. I always love "Show and Tell".
I have been very busy both at work and at home. I haven't sewn much but I will this weekend.
I have completed my Bears in the Farmhouse quilt top. I just need to quilt it. I finished my Happy Houses and mailed them off. I also have 52 blocks in some form of progress. Only three have the sides. And four the sides were sewn incorrectly. My Stash Pot Pie is coming along.
I really, really hope to finish to this quilt top this weekend. It is becoming a thorn in my side-only because I put it there. It is really a nice quilt but I made a promise to finish an old project before starting another one.
Which brings me to why I am walking around with a hole in my head. If you see a little older (smile) woman in WalMart, the mall, at the grocery store, doctor's office, etc. with a hole in her head, it is me. I needed to start a new quilt like I needed a hole in my head. Well, I must have needed a hole in my head because I started one. So, please if you do see me, redirect me to my sewing machine so I can stitch myself together again.
But I must tell you about my new quilt. I was at work and was waiting for a patient to be put to bed and had 15-29 seconds (Yes, 29 seconds. 30 seconds would be considered a full break) to myself and started thinking about what I was going to work on when I got home. I have these thoughts frequently during the day. So I started drawing nine patches. Then I started thinking disappearing nine patches. Then I started thinking two color disappearing nine patches. Then I thought about all those 10-inch squares I have cut out (half I mailed to my friend JoAnna). One thought led to another and by God I had a hole in my head. Oh, I know you are thinking, "that is a long 29 seconds", I think fast. I do not want to take my full break at a patient's door. I save that for when I am taking personal time.
So, I need to make a list of all my UFOs. I will post a sidebar on the weekend (if I have enough space). It will be a long list. I might have to post two sidebars. One for unfinished quilt tops and one for quilt tops that need to be quilted. I will have to think about this.
I just love quilting and hope you do too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weekend plans

I am on call this weekend. So I am tied to a cell phone. But it doesn't mean I cannot spend the weekend sewing and catching up on my quilting. I was over visiting Film in the Refrigerator and saw the most gorgeous quilt. Go see it. It is called Patchwork squares. I plan on making one sometime this year.
Also, this weekend I want to make a bag/purse. Since I came back from vacation I have had the urge to broaden my horizon. I have some nice material I plan on washing tonight and using.
I haven't found the pattern but I have an ideal of what I like.
I will post more pictures this weekend of my progress.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I couldn't pass up the chance to make something. So last night I started the Weighted Pincushion Organizer. I just love it. I love the colors. I love the feel of it. It feels good to be back at my sewing machine after a long-dry spell (vacation). I plan on making another one to match the sewing machine mat I made a couple of years ago.
I plan on making the pincushion a square or maybe round. If you like the pattern it can be found at Sew Mama Sew.
I am off to finish up my Siggy blocks.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I loved being with other quilters. I learned so much. I want to do so much. They made me think and challenge myself to do bigger and better things. Thank you West Palm Beach Quilters.
But I am glad to be home and quilting again. I spent the day sorting my fabric, looking at all the wonderful colors and dreaming of my quilting days ahead.
Before I left I had made myself promises I did not keep. I left with a list with four items on it. I came back with a suitcase full of fabric. Surprise.
One of the quilts I want to make this year is a Trip Around the World. So I found this fat quarter packet at People, Places and Quilts in Summerville, SC. I thought the colors would look nice. Soft yellows, a little blue and green.

Well, it started with this.

Went to this.

Ended with this.
I think I bought enough to make two quilts. Smile.

Oh, Fransson has a tutorial on Sew Mama Sew to make a little pincushion with thread bag that I want to make. While at the quilt show I decided that I would try it in these colors. I could not remember how many different colors I needed so I bought six fat quarters. I will make this over the weekend. My daughter is coming to visit. I am trying to get her interested in quilting. She is not into sewing. I think it skipped generations in my family. I like to quilt/sew/crafts. My grandmother sewed and quilted. My mother and daughter do not care for sewing or crafts. Oh, well. I may one day have a grandaughter that enjoys sewing.
Once I get all my pictures sorted and arranged I will post my favorites from the quilt show.
If you get a chance go visit Lancaster, Pa and see the local attractions. The countryside is beautiful. The farms are a sight to behold. The quilt shops are wonderful.
It's late and I only have one day left before I go back to work. I need to make the most of it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is the last day of my trip. It has been a wonderful journey. I have met so many talented quilters. I have learned so many things. I am going to take up handquilting when I get home. The two sisters are teaching me on the bus. They have given me the basics. While in Lancaster we went to the museum and looked at Amish quilts that were over 60 years old. The story behind this is very interesting and I will tell you and show you pictures when I get home. They are beautiful. In the shop at the museum they had more Amish quilts for sale.
Jann, one of the sisters, gave me a lesson in stitching. I guess the goal for quilters is 10 stitches per inch. Well, we have a quilter on our bus that does 12 stitches per inch. I am about 4 stitches per inch (OK, more like 3 1/2 stitches per inch). I am working on it. I bought a leather thimble with a metal area on it. I bought some needles. And I almost bought a quilting stand by Hinterberg. I want to make sure that I am going to do this before I invest my money in it. A lot of the ladies on the trip just use a hoop on their laps. I have heard the pros and cons about quilt stands (not being able to reach the middle to I love mine, I got mine at the guild yard sale, I never use mine). Wish me luck with the handquilting.
I also saw quilts with an applique technique called ruching. I want to learn that also. The quilt won a prize.
The ladies on my bus are so talented. It makes me want to cry with joy just looking at the things they are working on. One of the sisters, Lynn, finished knitting a sweater on the bus (started in West Palm Beach, Fl and was completed by Lancaster, Pa) and wore it to the quilt show or the museum (time flies when you are having fun). I was impressed. I took me a year to knit a sweater.
Well, it is 6:15am in Florence, SC and the coach leaves at 7:00am and I still have to eat breakfast. Mornings are not mornings without Dr. Pepper.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sorry I have not written lately but my computer is sick. It's in the computer hospital and I hope it is well enough to come home when I get home.
I am on my trip to Pennsylvania. I am in Charleston, S.C. Today were are going on a tour of the city, visit a muesum and possibly visit a quilt shop or two.
You would be so proud of me. Yesterday we were in Savannah, Ga. I have always loved Savannah, it makes me feel like I have stepped into another world with so much history around me. Sometimes I can feel the history around me as well as see. To much "Gone with the Wind".
Oh, back to the proud part. I did not buy anything. I got a free fat quarter and saw a lot of things I wanted to buy. But I am learning to look first, think, think some more, and think even more, think about what I have at home, think about what I am planning to work on, then I write it down on my to-do list, and softly cry to myself that life is to short for all the quilts I want to make.
I am slowly working my way through my stash.
I will post pictures of my trip when I get home.
I have met a bunch of nice ladies on this trip. There is a mother and two daughters on this trip.
They are really nice. My roommate Barbara is nice too.
Talk to you later.