Thursday, April 30, 2009

I cannot believe that I haven't blogged in 2 weeks. I always love "Show and Tell".
I have been very busy both at work and at home. I haven't sewn much but I will this weekend.
I have completed my Bears in the Farmhouse quilt top. I just need to quilt it. I finished my Happy Houses and mailed them off. I also have 52 blocks in some form of progress. Only three have the sides. And four the sides were sewn incorrectly. My Stash Pot Pie is coming along.
I really, really hope to finish to this quilt top this weekend. It is becoming a thorn in my side-only because I put it there. It is really a nice quilt but I made a promise to finish an old project before starting another one.
Which brings me to why I am walking around with a hole in my head. If you see a little older (smile) woman in WalMart, the mall, at the grocery store, doctor's office, etc. with a hole in her head, it is me. I needed to start a new quilt like I needed a hole in my head. Well, I must have needed a hole in my head because I started one. So, please if you do see me, redirect me to my sewing machine so I can stitch myself together again.
But I must tell you about my new quilt. I was at work and was waiting for a patient to be put to bed and had 15-29 seconds (Yes, 29 seconds. 30 seconds would be considered a full break) to myself and started thinking about what I was going to work on when I got home. I have these thoughts frequently during the day. So I started drawing nine patches. Then I started thinking disappearing nine patches. Then I started thinking two color disappearing nine patches. Then I thought about all those 10-inch squares I have cut out (half I mailed to my friend JoAnna). One thought led to another and by God I had a hole in my head. Oh, I know you are thinking, "that is a long 29 seconds", I think fast. I do not want to take my full break at a patient's door. I save that for when I am taking personal time.
So, I need to make a list of all my UFOs. I will post a sidebar on the weekend (if I have enough space). It will be a long list. I might have to post two sidebars. One for unfinished quilt tops and one for quilt tops that need to be quilted. I will have to think about this.
I just love quilting and hope you do too.

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  1. Yes, thank you for all those pink 10" squares. Now I have another UFO!