Monday, March 9, 2009

This is all twelve blocks laid out on my floor. I hope you can see them.

Oops. After I go home tonight I noticed that one of my blocks was wrong. So I corrected it. The next step is to be sent out tomorrow. Wish me luck.
For some reason I want to make a basket quilt. I do not want to start with something hard and frustrating (I might give up and quit). I want just a simple basket with a handle. I have been looking around and I think when I get back from Pennsylvania and my Stash Pot Pie is completed I will try the basket pattern I saw over on About It is a six-inch square block, quite simple and looks easy enough for someone who has never made a basket quilt.
I am going to shut down my sewing machine, turn off the iron, and cut out the light in my sewing room and call it a night.
Sleep tight.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE these blocks ! Nice job, dear !
    I didn't know your blog, and just discovered it through JoAnna's Now you're on my list ;>)

    Hugs & smiles from my little corner of the world !