Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quilts For the New Year

It feels so good to be sewing again. After a month of cutting and dreaming I am ready to get back to sewing.
I did not make much progress on JoAnna's quilt but I will be back working on it today. I also plan to finish off my on-going quilt block quilt this month. I did finish the back.

The next four quilts are from People, Places and Quilts in South Carolina. We stopped there on the Lancaster last year. I like this quilt. I have never made a "fun" quilt. All my quilts are traditional. I may put this on my wish list.
I thought this was an easy baby quilt if I needed one fast.

This is also what I consider a "fun" quilt. I like it a lot too.

Another easy baby quilt. I like the colors.

This picture and the one below is from a vendor's booth at the Jacksonville show 2009. They let me take a picture of the quilt although they had sold the quilt to The Olde Green Cupboard. I just love the pink background.

Anyone know where to find the pink? It looked like bubble gum. I could make a pattern for my blog. My first.

I know my photography sucks but I had to tell you about these. One of my co-workers made them. They are large pretzel sticks and a candy coating she bought at JoAnn's fabrics/crafts.
She made a peanut butter one (top) that was so-o-o-o good. They also sell the plastic bags she put them in. I love this and will make some next Valentine's day with a red or pick coating.

This is on my design board and has been there a year. So I have to do something with them as I have changed my mind about the quilt I was making. I am seriously thinking of using them to make the Red and White Snowball Quilt. I missed the swap but I have enough red scraps to make it. I would make my blocks 7 1/2 inches since the squares are already 3 inches square. I could have it done my Christmas 2010. Am I heading down the right path or do I need to keep dreaming?
Happy quilting.

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