Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spiderweb Quilt

I cannot believe how cold it is this year. I have always said we have four seasons in Florida-hot, hotter, hotter-hotter, and hottest. Never have I experienced it being this cold for this long. We usually have a few cold days in the winter, but nothing like this. I feels good to sleep under a quilt.
One of my recycled New Year's resolutions is to finish some of my quilts this year. I know you are wondering what is a recycled New Year's resolution. Well, it is the same resolutions I had last year and did not make good on them. My intentions were good, but willpower was a little lacking.
This year I am going to finish off the quilts I started over the last three years.
I decided to start with the Spiderweb Quilt I was making for my daughter. So I pulled out the stack of triangles.
While I was looking at them I wondered why I had put them aside. It was the way I was taught to do it. In the class we were taught to put them together to make a larger triangle. For some reason this did not work out well for me. So I took two triangles and put them together to make a square. I made four squares.
I took the four squares and made two strips.

I took the two strips and made one larger square. Which I like.

This weekend I plan on putting all my squares together. I do have some triangles put together that I need to take out. I want to have my quilt top done by Sunday evening. That does not include the borders (I have not decided what I am going to use for the borders).
I also want to make Bonnie's quilt Roll Roll, Cotton Roll. Since I am not crazy about the light strips I plan on doing that step first. I have went through my stash and found all the light I could. I have cut a large bag full and plan doing it as a leader-ender project. I have this bad habit of doing what I do not like first and the fun comes later. Silly I know but that is just being jeri.
I forgot to blog on my Clamshell progress. I did not make much progress in December. The holidays made everything rush-rush-rush. Now that I am back to sewing I hope to make some progress this month.
Until we chat again.

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