Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Sunshine and Shadow

Sorry I haven't blogged anything lately but I have been busy with my quilting projects. I will try to blog every other Sunday. That way I will have something to show and tell.
I have started cutting the strips for my Sunshine and Shadow quilt. I have 18 colors but will not use them all but want to have them available if needed. I sent Nadine some fabric and numbered each piece so that we could coordinate our colors. When you look at a picture vs looking at the actual quilt the colors may be a little different. So I need her help with the different colors. I made a new color reference board. I wanted to show Nadine what I was talking about so I decided to put a picture on my blog. I have made one before when I was making a Bargello quilt and found it quite helpful.
I have a curtain rod running along the top of my bookcase with curtain hooks that I can hang notes to myself there, as well as quilt patterns and finished quilts. It is a very helpful rod.

Recently I took one of my quilt tops to work to photograph and one of my co-workers whose mother quilts ask me why I iron my seams open. I iron them open because that was the way I learned to sew plus I get a flatter, neater seam and my seams seem to match when I sew them together.
My DS is having a birthday this month and wants a quilt. King size no less. So I am going to start two new quilts this month. I know this is against my New Years Resolution but he's my son and I not only love him, I like him. So I am searching through my stash for blues, reds and lights. The pattern is Hudson River Chain by Maria Umhey. The pattern is in The Quilter January 2007 issue.
The closer it gets to September the more excited I am about going to the Jacksonville Quilt Show. The lady I am going with has made our hotel reservations. We will be staying at the same hotel we stayed in last year. They give a special rate for the show.
Happy Quilting.

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  1. THANKS for showing, dear Jeri ;>)
    Looks very handy ! I'll start preparing my own ref.board, just after the weekend...
    Up to now, I never open my seams, when pressing them. But I'll give it a try (anything for a nice and neat result!).
    That project for your son looks VERY nice, I'm sure he'll be delighted!