Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quilt Pattern Organizer

I went to my quilting group last night and had a lot of fun. Show and tell was great. I won the door prize last month and had to bring something this month. I decided to make a quilt pattern organizer. I love mine. I found the pattern on All People Quilt and decided to modify it to meet my needs. I also changed the closure to a button and ribbon.

I bought the 8-pocket folder from Office Depot. I now can keep track of the patterns I am working on (and future patterns). I am working on a smaller version for taking to the quilt store (shopping list with supplies and samples).

I started attending Sit and Sew at one of my local quilt shops. I have so many quilts I want to make I could not decide on a project for working on there. So I decided to make an ongoing quilt block that I plan to cut up into scrap squares or triangles or tumblers or some shape and sew together.
Since I have quite a few scraps I can keep this going forever. I am sewing to about three inches away from the end of each row so that the rows can continue on. They are two inches wide (I had a lot of these) and no more than 6 1/2inches long but no smaller than 1 inch in length. I will keep you posted on my never ending block.
Last night I started sewing my strips together for my Sunshine and Shadow quilt with Nadine. I will post pictures this weekend. We divided the quilt up into sections. We are working on the four corners. Nadine e-mailed my pictures of her strips and they are beautiful. Thanks Nadine.
Happy quilting.

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  1. Aaaah, dear Jeri, I'm always learning something, when visiting your blog ;>)
    Your patterns sheets organizer is such a CLEVER idea, love it !
    As to you your ongoing quilt block strips, I'd never have thought of this, and it's really good idea to piece all those scrappy strip together, for a future undetermined scrappy project.... Hmmmmm, I think I'm gonna make this, too ;>)

    THANKS for your nice words about my Sunshine & Shadow first corner, but all credit goes to you, dear. I never could have made it without your instructons sheet (AND your fabrics !)