Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Swap

I signed up for another swap over at Jane's Fabric and Quilts. It is a Red and Aqua disappearing nine patch. I hope I get to participate.
I have spent the day working on my Sunshine and Shadow. I hope to have a finished picture for you by Sunday morning. I love the colors.
JoAnn's is having a sale this weekend. I have become very picky about the fabric I buy so I try to find quilt fabric on sale at my LQSs or on the internet. But I do like their Quilter's Only solids and their Kona Cottons. I have quite a few pieces from JoAnna's so I do like other things as well. But I am picky. Nothing loose weave or flimsy. I went today and bought 2 pieces (solids) for the back of my Sunshine and Shadow quilt. I really like the way the blue stands out in the quilt and so I bought two blues. I plan on adding some of the scrap pieces left over from the top to the back to bring it together. I plan on sewing the back at sit and sew on Tuesday.
Post more on Sunday.


  1. I love your Sunshine and Shadows quilt! It is coming along nicely. I can't wait to see it finished. Can you tell me where you found the pattern? I've searched and searched and cannot find one. I'm looking for a pattern that uses small squares like yours and is strip pieced. Cheryl

  2. Such a bright idea, for your quilt backing !
    Can't wait seeing it...
    I think my backing will be an unbleached ecru in large width. Not sure, yet ;>)