Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Love

I have fallen in love again. I beginning to think I am fickle. My mother use to say that all the time when I went from one thing to another. I never thought I was. But now I think I am because I love this quilt. If you remember Crazy Mama Quilts was having a quilt-along with nine patches. And being that I love nine patches or any patch for that matter, I decided to once again be a straggler. I did not join because I have so many other projects going on and did not think I could keep up. Well, I have 89 nine patch squares and decided to start joining them together. I tried the 2 1/2" wide strips and did not like it. I knew I had seen the pattern on SoupQuilts website and decided to read the instructions. She has 1 1/2" wide (unfinished) sashing on her quilt. I decided to give it a try and I like it much better. So in order to make a quilt big enough for a queen size bed I need to make more blocks. I think I need 11 x11 blocks to make it big enough for my bed. So, on I go making nine patches and thrilling my heart with each new patch. I hope to have it completed by winter. I do not want to catch a cold from lack of a quilt.
Oh, I live in sunny Florida. I feel a trip in the making this winter. Just me and my trusty quilt. Oklahoma, Indiana, Idaho, South Dakota. Nice thoughts.

I always name my sewing machines. I do not know why but I do. I guess it is because I talk to them. Sometimes they need words of encouragement, compliments on their stitching, or a little rub on their tummy. So I decided to introduce you to my Sapphire. I have had her for quite some time but I have not used her much. My intention when I bought her was to have a sewing machine just for quilting. I would have her set up and ready to quilt one of my many UFOs. But my free motion quilting leaves a lot to be desired. It looks more like sick motion quilting or free motion quilting blind folded.

So, in June I took a free motion quilting class again. I learned a lot but my quilting looked like a four legged lizard trying to square dance. Not that I have anything against lizards square dancing-just not on my quilt. You will be glad to know that I have since started practicing my free motion quilting and I can see some improvement. The lizard is still there but now at least he is tap dancing.
I have finished my block of the month blocks. I will mail them tomorrow after I take pictures and post them. I won the blocks for June-the ribbon pattern. I like that pattern. I will make a few extra blocks and make a nice quilt.
My friend JoAnna at Banana River Quilts bought a Featherweight sewing machine on e-bay. She says she will post pictures of it. I am so glad for her. She has wanted a Featherweight every since I have known her. Congratulations on your new baby JoAnna.
Happy quilting this week.
p.s. I want a Featherweight too.

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