Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving in my house and that means family, friends and food (the 3Fs). So that means, for me at least, that sewing will be a late night thing when I am alone and can savor the joys of the day, the smiles on everyone's faces, the innocence of little children and the after dinner naps.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
I finished off the first of my on-going quilt block top. I hope to quilt it this weekend even though I do not have a back yet. I like how it turned out. I have started on the next one.
While at the World Quilt Show last week I bought a pressing stick called The Strip Stick @ http://thestripstick.com/. I bought the 45 inch stick. I now iron the seams of my On-going quilt block on it and it works. If you see it at a quilt show buy one. I save so much time with pressing seams.
At the World Quilt Show I took three classes. One of my classes was a Kite Class with Pat Yamin. I will take a class from her anytime. Well, I had so much fun making these I came home and added it to my leader and ender pile. How may leader and enders do I have going on?

This is my new baby. She is in good shape. I have not named her yet but I am trying out different names for her. I thought of Kitty because she purrs along like a cat. But Kitty did not seem to fit. So, the search goes on. While at the quilt show I bought a quarter inch foot for her. I also need to buy a new case. Her case was badly damaged. I saw some fabric cases but I did not buy one. Still trying to decided on a hard case or a soft case.

I have a weakness for pincushions. The bigger the better. I had seen this pattern at the Moda site http://www.unitednotions.com/fp_prairie-flower-pincushion.pdf but thought it was "yuk"
with all those pointy things sticking up. Well, if God doesn't sometimes make us eat our words/thoughts/deeds. I saw one at the World Quilt Show and had to pick my mouth up off the floor and wipe the drool of the front of my blouse. It was gorgeous. I heard it calling my name. So, the scraps from the kite quilt is going to be my pincushion. I went to my local pet store, Incredible Pets, and bought some crushed walnut shells. So, during naptime on Thanksgiving I will be handquilting. My stitches are a little tight but for a first time hexagon project I am making progress and improving with ever stitch I make. I may have to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden.

If I forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving during all my chatter I would like to say "Happy Thanksgiving everyone young and old".


  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, dear Jeri !

    PS : Have you got my envelope, dear ? I'm worried about that...

  2. How cute -- I made a string tumbler quilt this year too and love how it turned out. I'll probably end up making another one sometime as it went together really quickly and used up some of my strings.