Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quilt Shows-Part One

I was looking through my quilt show pictures and thought that I had not posted any of my favorite quilt show quilts and I have been to several shows this years. So, I decided to make this a three part series with pictures of some of my favorite quilts. I do not know if this is legal or not but here we go.
I decided to start with the Lancaster Quilt Show since it was one of my favorites. I recently read that starting next year it is going to be an AQS show. How exciting.
On the way to Lancaster we stopped a lot of quilt shops. I got to see a lot of quilts in a lot of different color schemes. Plus, I met a lot of nice quilters.

I saw this purse at Colonial Quilts in Savannah, Ga. I do not know the name of the pattern but I liked the colors. Green is one of my favorite colors. So is red, blue, yellow, purple, etc, etc. LOL.

At the show they had this ironing board in the quilt art section. I thought it was interesting and unique. The craftsmenship (quilting) is marvelous.

This is the Balloon Quilt. I was amazed at the amount of applique in this quilt. Wonderful job.

This is called An Alphabet. The letters were beautiful.
This is Wistful Willow and it won First Place for Applique. Congradulations.

This is Gorilla Gorilla. All the grays and blacks with the tans makes you think of gorillas.

This is Rebecca's Legacy and it won First Place for Pieced Traditonal. I love it.
I hope you enjoyed the quilts. I take so many pictures of quilts at shows. I just want to thank every quilter that ever entered a quilt show for giving us so much of him/herself.
Once again Thank You from my heart.

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  1. WOW, Jeri ! Amazing quilts, indeed ! Thanks for showing, dear ;>)
    (my favourite one is the Balloons quilt, so cheerful and particular !).
    (by the way, did you get my envelope, dear ?)