Monday, May 18, 2009

To Do List-Week of 5/18/09

This is my third week having a To Do List and I could not be happier. Oh, do not get me wrong. I still surf the net and dream about other quilts I would like to make but it stops there. I put it on my Quilts I Want to Make Wish List. The list could reach from my house to yours and back.
This week is going to be a simple week. I need to do some things in my yard and garage so I have to cut back on my sewing, not to mention my quilting group meeting tonight. I also have a PC Quilter Side Mount for my HQ 16 and want to spend an evening or two this week looking over the material and getting it up and running. I have had it almost a year and never used it. I put it together but never quilted anything with it.
Here is my list:

To Do List
7 Happy Houses (without sides)
7 Stash Pot Pie Blocks
7 NinePatch Blocks
7 Sixteen Patch Blocks
You will notice I did not put the I Spy Quilt on the list this week. I plan on doing more than looking at it but I am not making any promises.
I am taking a free motion quilting class in June if enough people sign up. It is through my guild. I plan on taking all the items that I have brought to improve my quilting and try them out to see which works best for me. I like a lot of quilting on a quilt. Mostly I just do cross-hatching on my quilts. I want my quilts to dance and sing. I want to hop, skip and jump across my quilts. I want them to reach the moon, skip over to the sun, tap dance on quicksand, make loops in the air. I want them to fly and soar to places unknown and unseen. I want to make them say "look at me". I want them to touch my soul, feed my spirit, excite my senses. I can feel myself quilting. I can smell myself quilting. Quilting is not a chore, not a job, not an end. Quilting is quilting. There is nothing else.
I just want to quilt.

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  1. I'm having a give-away of my scraps and I'm sending you a box of stuff (vintage sheets). Emily packed most of the fabric, so be prepared to help sort when I get there (and take some)!