Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stash Pot Pie Progress

There was not much sewing in my house this week. I worked overtime this week. I will be working overtime next week for turnover on the first of the month.
I did accomplish half of my goals. I completed the Disappearing Nine Patches plus I did extra.
I completed the required number of blocks for the Stash Pot Pie. I am being to like this quilt.
My Stash Pot Pie Pie Quilt is coming along quite nicely. I have been piecing the blocks together each week. Below is seven rows of the Stash Pot Pie. I need three more rows. The quilt should measure approx. 90x100 inches. They are 10-inch blocks. I love the yellow and gold highlights in the quilt.

I promised you photos of my trip to Lancaster, Pa. I was looking through my photos when I saw the photos I took at The History Center Chester County Historical Society. They have all types of antiques (furniture, household items, quilts, etc.). I did not notice the sign not to take pictures until after I had taken three photos.

Below is my favorite quilt. If I get a chance I would like to make this quilt. I love red and to me this is what a quilt should be.

I also liked the quilts in the two photos below. I think the half square triangle is very interesting. My camera (or any camera for that matter) does not do the quilts justice. You have to see them. They are beautiful. It inspires you to go the extra mile. To take that chance and be creative.

I just love red in a quilt.
My To Do List will be short this week. I am on call and may have to go in to work if someone calls out and I cannot find a replacement. Every night I dread the 11p-7a shift. I cannot stay awake after 4am.
So here is what I want to accomplish this week.
To Do List
14 Nine and Sixteen Patch Blocks
14 Happy Houses
Read another chapter of PC Quilter
I hope I can accomplish this. I am behind in the nine patches and I need to have some Happy Houses made before my swap blocks get here.
Happy quilting.

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  1. Maybe we can trade stash pot pie quilts? You can have my batik one and I'll take yours! I love the colors.