Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Nine Patches

I did a lot of short periods of sewing this week. Five minutes here, an hour here. Yet, at the end of the week I had accomplished quite a few nine and sixteen patches. I made a mistake and mixed the new blocks with the old blocks and did not get an accurate number count. So I decided to show you all my blocks.

The blocks are on the sashing material I am going to use. On Memorial Day weekend JoAnn's had Kona Muslin on sale for $1.49 per yard with 10% off you total purchase. I bought 14 yards. I have used this before and really like it. I have bought Moda Muslin and did not care for the way it unravels. Plus the price is right. I like all the blocks so much. As I finished a block it became my favorite. They are all my favorites.

The purple block really squeezed my heart. The center circle was not planned. It just happened that way.

I like all the color combinations. They look even better in person.

This may be one of my favorite quilts.

I noticed I have a lot of yellow in my blocks. But I also have a lot of blue and red. I think it will all work well together.

I was thinking about making sister blocks for each one of my blocks. When I was trying to decide which color to put in the corners I had a had time making a decision. A lot of the colors work well both ways. I still may make sister blocks. A decision I will think about this week.
For every nine patch block I have a sixteen patch block to match.
I did not make any Happy Houses this week. I will concentrate on them next week.
My Straggler Calender Quilt is coming along nicely. I will work on it this week also.
I need 30 blocks for the Stash Pot Pies quilt. I will try to make a few this week.
I will post my To Do List tomorrow.
Happy quilting until we meet again.

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  1. These blocks are all so lovely ! Keep going!
    THANKS also, for your kind comment on my blog (I wanted to answer by email, but you're set on "No Reply"... maybe you could check your blog parameters?).
    OF course, dear, I'll gladly work in team with you on this dreamy Sunshine & Shadow project! Let me just collect the right solid fabrics, while I'll be at the European Patchwork Meeting, in France, by next September. Unfortunately, I can't find these, here in my little corner of the world, and ordering them through the web costs me the double with the shipping costs... Sigh...
    But we'll make this beauty together, I promise! It's been too many years I'm longing to make such a wonderful quilt, and working in pair is much funnier (and helpful), isn't ? ;>)
    Now I guess you know that Amish quilts are among my favourites, too, just as you, and that pattern in particular is haunting my mind for too many years.... ;>)
    Let's keep in touch, dear !

    Wishing you a very happy, sunny day. ENJOY YOUR SEWING !
    Heartful thoughts,