Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Bunny Trail

This morning I got up to do my usual one hour sewing before I go to work and was sewing along when I noticed that my stack of leader/enders was quite large (but not all of them done). So before I knew it I went from the above picture to


to this.
I love it.
I must explain about this leader/ender. I had a stack of very, very wonky teal and brown Friendship Stars. I could not square them up. Believe me I turned them every way I could and I still could not make them 4.5 inch square. I thought about using freezer paper or foundation piecing paper (expensive) to square them up. But I did not want to tear the paper off the back after I finished. Then I thought about hand basting them to white Muslin (I bought the muslin on sale at JoAnn's). The squares are not as nice as I want them to be but for a donation quilt they will be a lesson well learned.
I do not plan on making this part of my weekly "To Do List". I will continue sewing the squares together as a leader/ender quilt. One day it will move to the top of the list but not now.
Lots of love.
p.s. I owe Bonnie Hunter credit for teaching me this method of leader/ender quilting. She has a wonderful website, Quiltville, with lots of nice free quilt patterns. She even has a book out.
Also, thanks to JoAnna for introducing me to Bonnie Hunter's blog and website. Thanks JoAnna.

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