Monday, May 11, 2009

A Long Week

I had a long week at work and did not get to blog until this am. I will try to be on time next week. Also, I think I am going to have a shorter list this week. I want to inventory my sewing room.
Let us start with my list and what I accomplished. I was suppose to make 20 pink and white 9 patch blocks for my Disappearing Nine Patch. I made 6 blocks. I stopped making them after making the fourth one to get a handle on what I need instead of just sewing willy nilly. I knew I needed a total of 56 blocks to make this quilt.

So, I decided to make the side rows of the pink panels to see the direction my quilt was going. So I made 40 of the side rows. I am very pleased with these.

My "thorn in my side" Stash Pot Pie quilt blocks is turning into my favorite blocks. I had planned on making 15 blocks. I think I made about 24 blocks (some I just finished off and made into 9 block rows).

These are the blocks I just loved making. I used no color scheme. I just picked two colors and went for it. I love them. I made more than my goal. I have more strips cut out. I can make a 16-patch block in less than 10 minutes. My system is so cool. I love it.

I made 30 strips for my calender quilt. I also cut the sashing and sewed it into one long strip waiting to be cut into the columns. Which I will start next week.

This broke my heart when I realized my week was over and I had only made one Happy House (the bottom one). So to make it not feel so lonely I put some other Happy Houses in the pictures with it.

My BOM was done and mailed. She should have them by now. I am keeping the one on the right top row. I ran out of the blue I used in the other two.
I did not get to quilt the I Spy quilt or make any of the gray 9-patch blocks. I still have next week.
I hope you enjoyed my show and tell. I will post my "To Do List" tonight. I am going to spend Monday night cutting and getting things ready to sew.
More show and tell later.

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  1. LOVE your happy houses, dear !
    Amazingly, I also made 3 of these, some time ago... and then forgot them in a box - shame on me. Now youre giving me just the right push to make some more! HeeHee....
    THANKS, Jeri! Have a wonderful day ;>)