Thursday, May 7, 2009

I want to say I have had a very productive week. I completed some of the projects on my list. Some I revised and set different goals. But what I really am trying to say is that by having the list I was focused and able to complete the task at hand. I plan on continuing this on a weekly basis. I may not have so much on my list each week but there will be a list.
Also, I made myself an ironing table for Christmas. Because I had so many plans and dreams of future quilts I started stacking everything on my ironing table (future quilts). I cleaned it off. I put the material that was not being used away and made bins for what I am working on. I work on it and clean up my work area when I am through for the day.
Yes, I will continue to visit my favorite blog sites and oh and ah, but I will not start planning another quilt while I am working on my current one(s). Also, I will not work on more that three quilts at a time. I think it this will help me with completing more quilts also.
I have come to realize that there are so many pretty quilts out there and I will never be able to make them all.
I think I need to write a "Quilter's Ten Step" to help me. Let me think about it.
My tip for the day-When all else fails, make a list and read it often.

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