Monday, August 2, 2010

Clamshell Pattern

I wanted you to see the clamshell pattern I decided to use. I will add a quarter inch seam allowance.
I made a few extra copies and taped them together to see how it would fit/look. I like it. The first pattern I found did not fit together well.

I found this pattern in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, June 2005. The article is "Sashiko by Machine". I enlarged the pattern 225%. That made it 4 1/2 inches across finished. My first try at enlarging it made it 5 inches across which is a little to much for me.
Another thing I like about the pattern is that it has a line at the top for placement. That made it easy to line the pattern up. How I will use the line in the quilting I do not know yet. But I like the ease of using it to fit the pattern together.
I wasn't going to make a plastic template but I have since changed my mind. I still plan to use the freezer paper but the template may come in handy. Who knows.
Happy quilting.

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  1. This template looks great! I'm thinking of making a large scale clamshell quilt too, and I've been browsing the web for paper templates to download, with no luck so far- I might have to try your approach and get a book from the library.