Sunday, June 7, 2009

PC Quilter Working

I would like to let you know that I had a happy week quilting. I did not accomplish all my goals but I did complete a baby quilt top for a friend at work. I plan on quilting it this week.
I have completed all 56 of the pink and white nine patch squares. Now I have to cut them up.
I completed 10 Stash Pot Pie blocks. I need to sew them into a row.
I completed 7 Happy Houses.
But most of all the PC Quilter for my HQ16 is working. You will not believe how I have been trying to make it work. I decided to call my technical adviser (son #1) for help. He came over, sat down, touched a key and said "you need new batteries for your keyboard". How was I suppose to know I had a wireless keyboard and it required batteries? Duh.
Now I know you are wondering how I got the computer in the first place not to know it was wireless. To make long story short I traded it with my daughter. She go my laptop and I got her PC. My daughter and son sat it up. It has a 19-inch monitor that is mounted on the wall (put up by son #1) and is not internet accessible (my preference) but it has wireless capability to have internet access (if I knew how to use it).
So this week I am going to practice my quilting.
I will post photos tomorrow. My camera is charging.

To Do List
Work on the tutorial for Sunshine and Shadow
7 Nine Patch and Sixteen Patch Blocks
10 Stash Pot Pie Blocks
Cut up some of Pink and White Disappearing Nine Patches
Quilt 2 small quilts
I will also post my treasures I got in the mail this week. I received three packages.
Blog more later.

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  1. WoooHooo, you're on a roll ! Well done, dear ;>)
    Can't wait seeig the pictures....