Saturday, June 13, 2009

Focus, Focus, Focus

Have you ever had a week where nothing went right? That was my week. I worked to much, ate to much, spent to much money and slept to much. I had a week of to much of nothing.
I started the week out looking at what I was working on and got depressed that nothing was finished. Started wishing I did not have to work, had more time to quilt, blah/blah/blah.
That only lasted a day (thank God). Then I realized I had too many irons in the fire to be working and quilting. Shouldn't the quilting have come first. I only work to have a place to store all my sewing machines and fabric. Anyway, once again I have decided to concentrate on ONE quilt at a time and one leader-ender quilt. I need to look at my January blogs but I am sure this was one of my New Year Resolutions.
So, this week I worked on my calender quilt. I am home sewing and cleaning this weekend and hope to finish off the top and the back before Sunday night. I will continue on with my star leader-ender quilt but everything else is on hold.
Wish me luck.
p.s. Maybe I should rename by blog Jeri's Quilting Blues. What do you thing?

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