Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend Plans

The weekend is approaching and I will be having a sew-in on Saturday and maybe a little sewing on Sunday. I have to finish my block of the month blocks and get them mailed on Monday.
While reading Better Homes and Gardening's blog All People Quilt I came across two quilts I really like. The first is the Sickle Quilt and the second is an Amish Quilt called Plain Speaking.
I do not have any gray for the Sickle Quilt but I think I could make an exception to my no buy rule and buy some. I have all the material needed for the Plain Speaking quilt.
I will spend some of my time drafting a quilt pattern for the Plain Speaking quilt and dreaming about the Sickle quilt. I like my quilts to be bed size so the center square in a square will be quite big. But I like it.
I also plan on woking on the border of my Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. I have the pieces cut out, I just have to sew them together. I also have to trim it before adding the borders.
Have a happy weekend.

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