Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Month of Clamshelling

I cannot believe this is the end of another month. How time flies. And so much sewing to do.
I have set goals for myself in making my clamshell quilt. So far I have met my deadlines. This month I cut out and gathered the top edge of 200 light clamshells.
I need to clarify something. I did not gather a finished edge. I gathered the unfinished edge so I could iron it down and turn it under. I tried gluing one of them and I did not like it. So I decided to gather it again instead of gluing. I know it is a lot of work but I do not mind.
My goal for October is to cut out 200 clamshells in different colors. I hope not to have any color duplicated. I also hope to have them gathered (this may go into November as I have to finish the ironing process with the lights).
Above is some of the colors I want to look at before I cut.
Happy quilting.


  1. Already a good start Jeri. I also baste my shells. It is an easy job while watching tv. I look forward to your progress and update next month.
    BTW I have a sign in list on my blog. If you fill in your name more Clamshell Club members will visit your blog.